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Old Boy [04 May 2005|07:55pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

Old Boy
Year: 2003
Genre: Foreign (Korean), Action/Adventure, Drama
Directed by: Park Chan-wook
Rated: R

Old Boy is a Korean revenge flick. The story begins when businessman Oh Dae-su (married, with daughter)was kidnapped on the steet. When he awakes, he finds himself in what appears to be a cheap motel room, which became his prison for the next 15 years.

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Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone. - Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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[29 Mar 2005|10:38pm]

Title: millions
Year: 2005
Director: Danny Boyle

If you are a seven year old, and a bag full of pounds literally falls from the sky in front of you, what would you do? This cliched premise is the basis of a movie that is unique because of the delightful cast of characters. A friend initially mentioned that the movie sounds like a remake of Blank Check. Expecting a movie that glorifies the materialism of our age, then reverts to the 'money doesn't mean everything' chastisement (which is kind of ironic considering how much money Blank Check probably made), I was surprised to find only half of my prediction was correct.

Young Damian (Alex Etel) does not glorify in materialism. In fact, this boy is quite out of touch with our consumeristic age. A lonely boy who is isolated from the other children at school due to his tendency to talk to saints (or hallucinations, depending on your faith) who nobody else sees, he is the rare person who not only preaches morality and giving, but lives by it. Give him a bag of money, and not only does he not lavish himself with luxuries, he tries to give it all away. Now if only the billionaires of the world are like that, I would be much richer (moral of the story: if someone asks if you are poor, the answer is a definite, undoubted, firm and convincing Yes!). As good as he sounds though, I did experience some painful moments when I saw all that money being given to strangers, Mormons, and a clunking garbage can. Though none of that was as painful as the last scene.
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Overall, an enjoyable hour and a half. More screen time for Anthony would have been appreciated, and I definitely want to see the two children twenty years later. I imagine Anthony owning most of the world and Damian acting as his conscience and using all the money Anthony made to save the world's poor. Resolution of some of the plot-holes I mentioned would defintely boost the overall rating.

Rating: ***1/2
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Kill Bill: Vol. 2 [10 May 2001|03:16am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Director and Writer: Quentin Tarantino
Date Released: April 2004


Volume 2 of Kill Bill is the highly anticipated sequel to the first volume, released in the latter months of 2003. It follows The Bride (Uma Thurman) journey towards revenge against the Deadly Vipers Assassination Squad (DiVAS), whom she had once been a member of, and who had tried to kill her, her unborn child, and a small group of friends four years ago on her wedding rehearsal. We are finally given a face to Bill (David Carradine), the leader of DiVAS, and the father of her unborn child. The motivations of the events in Volume 1 are also explained, though poorly.

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I enjoyed this less the original. While I was able to forgive the plot loopholes in the first volume, anticipating them to be filled by the second and seeing as it is 'action-driven', it is difficult to be as generous with the second, 'plot-driven' volume. While the scenary and dialogue were still interesting, the utter lack of logic and grace in the story and fighting made this a mediocre film.

Rating: **
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Tokyo Crazy Paradise (Manga) [29 Mar 2004|03:34pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Tokyo Crazy Paradise
Mangaka: Yoshiki Nakamura
Published by: HAKUSENSHA

Scanlated by: Manga-Sketchbook, The Hawks, (and some other group that I can't remember)
Volumes Scanlated: 1-6 (Well actually only about 1/2 of 6 is done)
Scanlations availiable @: IRC, BITTORENT

Translations by: Yuki Shimura
Volumes Translated: 1-19
Translations available @: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/8834/index.html (Only real problem with this site is that it's down all the time due to lack of bandwidth)

Tokyo Crazy Paradise is a shoujo manga that takes place in the year 2020 in Tokyo. A place where crime runs rampant, expecially crime against women.
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Love of Angst [08 Mar 2004|11:46pm]

There are times when one finds pleasure in the oddest places/things. One such pleasure is the delight one has when reading a novel or manga where the hero is trapped in their inner world of anguish. Oh come dear reader, I know that some of you are shaking your head as you read this but you know what I say is true. Stop hiding behind your bad faith and come to terms with your love of angst.

What is angst? Angst is often described as a feeling of dread, anxiety or anguish. Often characters in stories that are described as suffering from angst are people who are overwhelmed mentally by their inner flaws. They suffer from a very demanding world, which demands perfection without meaning. Or quite the opposite their suffering can come from the general belief that there is noting much that the world has to offer them.Everything is flawed and the idea of perfection is pure fantasy. I find that angst riddened characters are often extremely intellectual. Ironically, they usually perceive themselves as stoic individuals yet this stoicism is merely a cover for their deeply rooted romantic sentimental personality. They scoff at love yet when they become entangled within its web they are the most devoted lovers. In many gothic tales, angst-ridden lovers are the most fatalistic. They love their paramour with neverending devotion yet at the same time they come to hate the power their lover has over them. This hatred in turn helps to destroy their relationship. It is near the end of the relationship when the angst-ridden lover begins to cling tighter to their paramour. They threaten to hurt themselves or to propose never-ending love in order to keep their lovers near. Without hope the relationship is doomed either way. Either the lover returns to the angst-ridden lover, which results in the continuation of the cycle just mention. Or the lover leaves, sometimes the lover intentional wants to destroy them emotionally (some times physically and psychologically. Ah S/M, sweet!) or unintentionally. Either way, the angst-ridden character either removes themselves from life or society. This removal is a symbol of both their commit to their undying yet unhealthy love and a method to hurt their love one in the same way their love one hurt them.
Some characters take another path, where they do everything in their power to inflict their own emotional turmoil onto others around them and/or the world at large. This is shown the countless stories where a character’s main goal in life is to destroy it. Angst characters are often egotistical.

There is much pleasure to be found in stories about angsty characters. Often there is a poetic beauty to their pain. A lot of writers display the pain of the angst character in erotic stimulating language. Sometimes the reader finds solace within the angst shown within the story. For it works to resolve the reader of their own internal turmoil. Plus it awakens our own deeply repress sexual urges and id. As an epicurean I have come to believe that while , it is true that most people work very hard to avoid pain there are certain times in our lives when we eagerly embrace pain. Perhaps this embarce of pain is a sign that we will always need it. For pain is a motivational tool that makes people reinvent the world around them . We often define our own existence in terms of how we feel pain and what that pain means to us.

I originally planned for this to be an article about the manga Eerie Queerie yet somehow it turn itself into my own reflection about the joy of angst. I think it is important for supporters of angst to let their voices be heard.

If you are interested in stories with heavy angst themes I suggest :

1. X/1999
By: Clamp

2. The Secret History
Donna Tartt

3. Sandman
written by : Neil Gaimen

4. The philsophical works of Nietzsche, Sarte and Kierkegaard

5. The English Patient
Actually anything starring Rafe Finnes as the romantic lead
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Saiyuki [08 Mar 2004|10:08pm]

Highlight: The marvellous manga Gensomaden Saiyuki (most fans just refer to it as Saiyuki) is an incredibility rich and ingenious retelling of the famous Chinese classic tale Xi You Ji. This is roughly translated into English as Journey to the West. The title Saiyuki is the Japanese name for Xi You Ji.

Creator: Kazuya Minekura

Genre: Fantasy, action

Plot: Togenkyo/Shangri-la (China) is places where Humans and Youkai have live in harmony, that is until a secret group of youkai and scientists begin conducting taboo experiments, mixing science and magic. They aim to revive the Great evil phantom demon Gyumao; who has been sealed away in a tomb for the past 500 years. The result of these experiments is a minus wave which swipes across the land, causing youkai to lose their sanity. Afterwards, the youkai begin to torture and kill humans. In reaction, heaven calls a pond the Buddhist Priest Genjyo Sanzo to go west to Tenjikukoku (India). He is to take three companions. Son Goku, Sha Gojyo and Cho Hakkai, three youkai who each were able to retain their sanity because each of them possess some aspect of humanity within them. Their orders are to stop the resurrection of Gyumao and find out who is trying to resurrect him. Only if Gyumao’s resurrection can be stop will peace return to Shangri-la.

Characters: Most of the characters in Saiyuki are extremely well developed, each with their own distinct personalities and intriguing troubled pasts. Each is extremely hilarious. Somehow, Minekura has made swearing, a whole new art form of comedy. If you are like me; a fan girl with high standards and slight Shouen action scenes sympathies then you will love the male characters in this series. These guys define the word Bishounen with a capital B, sexy, smart, introspective, funny and ready to kick ass.

Artwork: Saiyuki is probably Kazuya Minekura’s definitive work of art and storytelling. The artwork in Saiyuki is highly detail with beautiful use of fine lines. Mimekura , draws attractive yet anatomically correct proportional bodies. I love the gritty yet poetic scenes in the manga were the protagonists and antagonists get hurt or wounded. Ah, the blood. One of her strengths as an artist is that she knows when to have her characters display their emotions visually to each other with looks and small actions, without the need for dialogue. The artwork in this series only increases in quality with each new volume.

Sidebar: I have been a fan of Saiyuki for a while now. I fell in love with Minekura’s art style and daring reconstruction of Xi You Ji. I find that Saiyuki’s plot is like a fine wine. It contains many different elements: vivid storytelling, humour, philosophy, action and high quality artwork. Yet she makes sure that each of these elements are equally balance with each other, not one element is place above the other. Resulting in a well-rounded piece of art. It is intelligent without being showy or arrogant. I believe that some parts of Saiyuki is a satirical manga which looks at life in general. It is of my opinion that Saiyuki expresses an existential point of view on the interesting topics : spirituality, free will and individuality. Ah but rest assure, there are times when the fangirl buried deep within me abandons all reason, and goes “Kawaii!!!!” when looking at all those hot, exciting bishounen.

Warning: If you are a purist lover of Xi You Ji, this may not be the manga for you. The setting for Saiyuki is an interesting mixture of both old and new, with such modern technology as the jeep, guns and credit cards. The nice, obedient Sanzo priest in the original story does not exist here. Instead he is a gambling, beer drinking, gun tooting and “deadly” serious man who tries not to get personally attach to others and will kill anyone who kills innocence people and/or gets in the way of his goal. If you cannot stomach manga with incest themes and/or graphic depictions of blood and guts, avoid!
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Pretear Volume 1 [06 Mar 2004|10:12pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Title: Pretear
Episodes: 1-4

Think Sailormoon, add in a dollop of Fushigi Yuugi and you get Pretear. This anime is about a high school girl name Himeno, who meets 7 Liefe Knights and discovers that she is Princess Pretear who must save the world from life sucking creatures.

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Argentosoma Vol 1 (Another Reality) [06 Mar 2004|09:16pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Title: Argentosoma
Volume #: Volume 1: Another Reality
Episodes: 1-5
Produce by: Sunrise,
English adapation produced by: BANDAI

The story takes place in the year of 2059, a time when the earth has been plagued by alien attacks for the last five years. The aliens are huge, light orange and about the size of a building...and kill people using beams of light. (Although I'm not too clear if the things are the aliens themselves or mecha that aliens have built to attack the humans.)

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For slightly more information, consult

He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

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R.O.D. Read or Die [05 Mar 2004|02:04pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Title: R.O.D.Read or Die
Director: Masunari Kouji
Episodes: 3 episodes, each 30 minutes in length

Introduction: Read or Die was an OVA based on a manga of the same name written by Kurata Hideyuki. It was made in 2002, and got quickly licensed by Manga Entertainment for its North American release. It has a X-men meets James Bond feel, with some not-so-subtle anti-American military sentiments littered throughout. Quirky and humourous during the first half-hour, but note that I personally found the ending disappointingly confusing.

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Rating: * * 1/2

For a very detailed site, you might want to visit: http://readordie.org/index.php
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Battle Royale [28 Feb 2004|11:07pm]

[ mood | morose ]

Well, this was suppose to be a review of Battle Royale II, but can't really get into Battle Royale II without talking about Battle Royale (the first movie) and can't talk about that without getting into the book. Well, actually, I can but it would just feel inadequate. So will start with Battle Royale (The Book). Since it's been a while since I've read the book and seen the first movie, expect me to be a bit vague.

Battle Royale (The Book)
By: Koushuu Takami
Translated by: Yuji Oniki
Published by: Viz
Available at your neighbourhood book store for $15.95 USA/$22.50 CND
Page #: 616

A class of grade nine students are taken to a deserted island where, as a part of a ruthless goverment program, they are forced to kill each other until only one student remains.

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Battle Royale (The movie)
Directed by: Fukasaku Kinji
Available for special order at the place where you usually get your CD/DVD's, although I've been told that it's about $50 CND which makes it about $36 USA and takes about 5-8 weeks to ship (but it does come with a 2nd disk [that's completely in Japanese]). Or get a counterfit copy for about $5-6 CND which makes it about $3.5 USA. Or rent it. (You can also try e-bay.)

The movie is mostly loyal to the book with a few exceptions. I'll list some of the ones that I remember here...
1) The personality of the teacher was changed to make him more human, and easier to empathise with. The relationship of the teacher also changed from that of a stranger to an ex-teacher who left after he was assaulted by a student.
2) The introduction of 'exchange' students
3) The introduction of the 'video'
4) A regretable but necessary cut in each students' 15 min of fame. Due to this, the motivations of a large population of students is unknown as they become cannon fodder
5) A change in the ending...which I won't detail since it involves spoilers...and I'm too lazy.
6) A bunch of other minute details which I'm too lazy to mention

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Battle Royale II (The movie)
Directed by: Kinji & Kenta Fukasaku
Available at Hong Kong or Japan, or where ever counterfit DVD's are sold...and maybe e-bay.

3 years after the events in Battle Royale, the two survivors formed a terrorist group called the "Wild Seven" who declared war on the adults and their goverment. In move reminscent of 9/ll, the Wild Seven declared war by bombing 2 sky scrapers, killing 8000 people in the process.

In reaction, the goverment initiated BR Act II, and sent a class of grade 9 students against the island base where Wild Seven is currently hiding. They have 3 days to kill the leader of Wild Seven or else the collar around their necks will explode. The students are pair up in teams of two, if one member of the team is killed, the other's collar will detonate.

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For more information, see http://battleroyalefilm.net/

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Berserk Anime Volume 1 War Cry [17 Feb 2004|01:46am]

[ mood | artistic ]

In this world...
Is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity of law?
Is it like the hand of God hovering above?
At least, it is true that man has no control, even over his own will.

And so Berserk begins in the country of Midland where a new king (Griffith) has come to power, where demons terroize the land, where one man (The Black Swordsman) has stepped forth to deliever judgement. Well, actually you don't know really know what that guy wants to do, except he seems to really hate the current king and his demon lackeys. And I mean really really hates them. But before we find out what the heck is really going on with the kingdom (and him for that matter), we have a flashback...

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Jiatsu Circle (Suicide Club) [15 Feb 2004|04:36pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Title: Jiatsu Circle
Mangaka: Usumaru Furuya
Volumes: 1

Introduction: The manga was made after the movie (refer to http://www.livejournal.com/community/epicureanism/1040.html) and differs from it significantly. The only similarities are the beginning, the theme of suicide and suicidal clubs, and the title. The mangaka stated that he wanted to write his own story about suicide. From what I've heard about the movie, the manga is considerably less disturbing.

Spoiler-filled Summary: The manga starts like the movie did with a line of female high school students jumping in front of a speeding train. The mass suicide made headline news and shocked Japan. Then even more surprising, one girl survived, apparently unharmed except for slight bruises.

The survivor (can't remember names) was depressed that she hadn't died. Most of the story is now focused on the survivor and her friend. Friend was understandably concerned about Survivor's suicide attempt and tries to talk to survivor. Friend is rebuffed.

We see flashbacks to their past - as friends in grade school, as Survivor had to prostitute herself to help her family, how survivor's self-loathing grew. Survivor drifted away from Friend and the world as she was forced to sell her body. Then Survivor met this girl (we'll call her Leader). Survivor was enthralled, and followed her everywhere. She became more cheerful again, out of her depressed mood, yet there was a false sheen to her cheer. Survivor came to school with cuts all over her arm, a new tattoo on her ear, and kept saying that Leader was the only one who understood.

Back to the present - Leader and her entourage had committed suicide with only Survivor remaining. Then a cult phenomenon seemed to happen within the school. There were rumours that Survivor had been blessed, had special powers. Survivor started to attract a group of followers just as Leader once did. And Survivor changed her name...she adopted the name of Leader and wouldn't answer to any other. Her personality changed: the shy and meek girl was replaced with a confident, charismatic leader.

Being mystified by Survivor's/Leader's change in personality and attitude, Friend started investigating. Then a very ugly and perverted teacher told Friend that he had information about Survivor's transformation - she just had to go to his house at 11:30 (11:00? I can't remember times, as a true follower of epicureanism, all time is utilized for pleasure therefore there is no difference between one hour and the next). After some fretting about what Perverted Teacher's intentions were, Friend decided that she had to risk it for Survivor.

Once inside his gloomy house (and after a few frights), Perverted Teacher told her that she had to come at night because there was a website that only came online during the midnight hour. Suicide Circle. Their emblem? The tattoo on all the suiciders' ears.

Leader hadn't always used her name (the one that Survivor is using now). She too was born with a different name. She only adopted her new name after she was the lone survivor of another mass suicide. And the leader of that group? The same. It was almost like a virus - for each suicide attempt there would always be a survivor. The survivor acts like a missionary and spreads her 'faith' then when ready, attempts the next suicide where she kills herself and a new survivor takes her place. With each suicide, the numbers of people increase.

Since the last suicide made national news, Survivor's group is growing fast. The occult forums are full of converts to her message. Survivor's suicide attempt would be soon.

While Friend and Perverted Teacher (okay, Concerned Teacher, Worried Teacher, Responsible Teacher, not really Perverted Teacher) tried to stop Survivor, it backfired. They became victims too.

And the Cycle Continues...

Review: The messages are very different in the manga.

There is a very strong mystical element with the survival and transformation of a new Leader. The disappointment in their failure to die is very strong. These people truly believe suicide is the best - they /don't/ want to be saved; they only want to leave. The forums and webpages also have a mystical element since all those who died are registered on the page. Evidently by themselves from the afterworld.

The spread of the suicide cult is also fascinating. It grows quickly, but all the girls are aware of what they're doing. They are killing themselves because they don't feel worthwhile. Survivor's detachment, and the constant bullying that she has to wade through every day is very apparent. Her lifelessness before she met and became Leader. In many ways, even before her suicide, she had been the walking dead. Curiously enough, the suicide club gave her new life again, though not for long.

There is less blame of the adult establishment in the manga, and more on just the cruelty of everyone including fellow classmates. There is also an underlying theme of female victimization under males. Friend's fear of the teacher, Survivor being forced to date and have sex with males, and the female-only suicide group.

The art is stark, the depression changed to fanaticism conveyed beautifully. Though I generally enjoy a more idealized style, I think the realism fitted this story. The difficulties that students go through are also shown - along with how little most of us know each other and ourselves. The way the ending mirrored the beginning is a good way to convey the continuation of the cycle. I did find it to be too long...some of the flashback sequence could have been easily cut. I am puzzled by the multiple murders in the end. It certainly muddled the waters of just seeing the girls as victims...though perhaps thats what the author wanted us to see. They weren't just victims - they hated, and were unable to express that hate until they saw their imminent death. A bit more mystery would also have been interesting, but overall, and enjoyable ride.

Rating: 3.75

(yes the .75 is weird but its not good enough for ****, yet I can't really express why since I don't have that many criticisms...)
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Suicide Club [14 Feb 2004|02:47pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

Suicide Club (aka Suicide Circle) is a film by Sion Sono, available for rental at Suspect stores. 619 Queen St West, or 605 Markham St.

This is a highly disturbing movie, far more so than Battle Royale. Possibly because of the fact that it could conceivably take place right now in today's society, whereas Battle Royale takes place in a dystopic society that's yet to exist.

This movie is bloody, and gory. Personally I'm amazed at the way that some people have thought to kill themselves. Yet this movie also has poient moments where it makes us question not just our selves, but also our relationship with others and the direction of our society.

I would typically include a summary here, but somebody already beat me to it, and since they did such a good job, I'm just decided to include a link instead of writing a whole long thing myself.


This movie disturbed me on several levels, the first one being the incredibly graphic suicides, the second being the creepy children that seems to be a bit too canny and eloquent, giving my preconceptions about the abilities of children a paradigm shift...and even then I have problems dealing with the creepy, creepy children. Lastly, is the fact this movie does not provide answers to the hard questions that it asks, which is currently tormenting me, as it causes me to ask myself questions that I have no answers for.

Overall, I would give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5. It's an intense, thought provoking movie that deserves a second viewing, which I'm going to do right now.

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Rol San [13 Feb 2004|02:57pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Spadina - Between Dundas St W. and Gerrard St. W

I've visited Rol San three times now, and for every visit both the food and the service was very consistent. All three times were during the supper hours but the crowds varied depending on what day of the week we went.

Food: Fairly decent. The first time the food was average, with none really memorable. The soup was satisfactory, the main courses and rice came in decent sizes. Yet nothing really stands out. We were given free soup and desserts, so there is a value factor.

The second time the meal consisted of mussels in black bean sauce, oysters with green onions and garlic, chicken (supposedly with orange peels), and a soup of ground beef and egg drop. The oysters were very good, especially the juice. I actually preferred the juice with the garlic more than the actual meat of the oysters but it truly wasn't bad. $1.80 for an oyster, the shell about the size of my hand. I am not a good judge of the value since I've rarely eaten oysters in restaurants. The sauce for the mussels was again well done. The black bean sauce complemented the mussels well and was delicious when mixed with rice. The mussels themselves had an odd aftertaste and I question their freshness. For the chickens, the result was unexpected and did not meet my expectations. No taste of orange peels could be discerned, only carrots. I suspect that our orders were mixed (which seems to be a common occurrence). The best course was undoubtedly the soup which we ordered in large. At approximately $7, it was very good. I do admit to a preference for thick, gelatinous soups though. The soup was visually stimulating with the beef and the egg suspended in it, like a snapshot of ocean life (if fishes and aquatic plants are replaced by beef and egg drops).

Tonight, wonton soup, almond chicken, vegetables in a taro nest, and Shanghai noodles were ordered. The wonton wasn't bad, the base nicely done. It wasn't too salty yet projected a strong taste. The wontons were large and a large quantity was given. The only complaint is that they were stuffed with pork and the wrap was too small (visually less appealing). The almond chicken was crispy and came with sweet-and-sour sauce. The chicken inside wasn't too dry and the almonds stuck to it resembled a mosaic. The sweet-and-sour sauce was also an attractive red, neither too dark (burgundy) nor too light (orange). The Shanghai noodles were below par. It was too oily and I found the noodles on the thin side. It wasn't bad, but certainly not memorable. The vegetables in a taro nest was again below par. Though I enjoyed it, I've eaten better nests. The nest was on the small size and because of mixed up orders (once again), there were too many vegetables, thus crushing the nest. The bill came to $41, with tips $46. While not particularly cheap, when the number of courses are taken into consideration and that this was a dinner for two, the meal was certainly not expensive.

Service: While better than many Chinese restaurants in downtown's Chinatown, the service is still much poorer than most restaurants. There are rarely any smiles or greetings, there is a language barrier, and the staff seems to be rushed (even when the restaurant was empty; they seemed more concerned with their personal conversations than their customers). Additionally, since the orders have been mixed up on the 2 out of 3 occasions that I have went, I am not impressed.

Atmosphere: Again, not a category where it stands out. The chairs we were given had cracks on the cheap plastic (vinyl?) covers. The interior is bright, but not atmospheric. The walls are covered with specials in English/Chinese, but they didn't seem to match. Also, the specials were printed in neon colours that just screamed 'gauche' to me.

Price: Supposedly, Chinese food is inexpensive. Not in Chinatown, at least not in the 3 - 4 different restaurants that I've been to. It really depends on what is being ordered - often, noodles are not a bargain; soups and congees are still on the low side, and the only bargains are probably the seafood.

Overall: Definitely on the low scale when compared to most restaurants, but an average one for Chinese. The food while not spectacular seems good overall - while little stands out, nothing was repulsive and the chief is obviously competent. Not for a special evening, but good when a quick, relatively inexpensive and varied dinner is desired. Near downtown area. Note that much better Chinese food can be found in the suburbs.

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Korean Grill House [30 Jan 2004|04:12pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

University and Spadina

This is the second time that I've went to the Korean Grill House.  It is an all-you-can-eat menu, with a varying selection of meats offered at different prices.  The meats are served raw and the customer grills the meat him/herself on the grill provided.  

Food:  Appetizers of vegetables - turnip soaked in vinegar, potatoes, and soybeans- along with tofu are included with the course. They lightened the meat and salt heavy menu.  We ordered the standard selection (chicken, beef, pork, fish, salmon, squid, and ribs).  I also ordered a red bean milkshake.  Steamed white rice was also included in the package.

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Overall:  The originality is interesting, and there is a thrill for those who can't step into the kitchen without causing a disaster to cook their own food.  Its a good place when going with a small group - the actual grilling can be a conversation topic and everyone can eat at their own speed.

Rating: 3.75

Don't go during rush-hour. 
Cook the fish right from the beginning - otherwise the 'moat' becomes contaminated.
Schedule a lot of time - you want to get your dollars worth.

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Korean Grill House [06 Feb 2004|04:39pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Went to Korean Grill House last friday with laurellias, well it was actually the second time we went. This time we had the all you can eat for 12.95 plus tax.

214 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON

Korean Grill House is one of those restaurant that lets you cook your own food. Giving you control over how cooked you want your food to be. (For those of you who have no idea how to cook, it's really a no-brainer, hey, if I can do it, so can you.) They provide pre-seasoned raw meat (pork, chicken, squid, beef, fish,...etc) and you cook them on a gas grill that's located at the center of your table.

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